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Cold and Broken (large)
Song: Hallelujah (edited)
Artists: Imogen Heap; Jeff Buckley.
Category: Character study, angst.
Fandoms: Galileo (2007, 2013)
Characters/Pairings: Yukawa Manabu, Utsumi Kaoru
Concept: "How to shoot at someone who outdrew you." Parallel narratives.
Info: Large--1280x544, 41.8 MB, unzipped.Subtitles.

Because the Night (large)
Song: Because the Night (edited)
Artist: Cascada
Category: Lord King Bad Vid
Content: Strobing cuts, p.o.v shift, violence directed at a woman (not the focus of the vid). Not really safe for work, but I suppose with headphones it will pass inspection. Spoilers.
Fandoms: Galileo (2007, 2013)
Characters/Pairings: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Concept: Try and understand.
Info: Large--1280x720, 63 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

A Sacrament for Our Sins (large)
Song: Famous Blue Raincoat
Artist: Tori Amos (covering Leonard Cohen)
Category: Episodic
Content: NSFW; choose not to disclose.
Fandom: Galileo (2013)
Characters/Pairings: Mashiba Ayane, Yukawa Manabu, Kishitani Misa, Mashiba Yoshiyuki
Concept: What can I tell you, my brother, my killer?
Notes: Spoilers for Salvation of a Saint. You have been warned. This is what I did on my second summer vacation. Turn your volume up, not because the music is soft, but because there are sounds on the track that can be missed if the volume is low, and they are important to the mood of the vid.
Info: Large--1280x720, 126 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Unstoppable (large)
Song: Unstoppable (edited)
Artist: E.S. Posthumus
Category: Suspense, drama, AU, fake trailer
Content: NSFW, character death.
Fandom: Galileo (2007, 2013)
Characters/Pairings: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Concept: He wants her to stop him, even if it destroys them both.
Info: Large -- 1280x720, 17.8 MB, unzipped.
Notes: I used additional source from Helter Skelter, which is a gorgeous and thought-provoking film, but also graphic and disturbing. I also used a gunshot sound from Supernatural. This is a video fill for the prompt of "[invincible, unrivaled]" on my 30Kisses table. One day I'll find the correct written approach for this AU, but for now, this will do.

Wonderwall (large)
Song: Wonderwall
Artist: Ryan Adams
Category: Character study, romance
Fandom: Galileo (2007, 2013)
Characters/Pairings: Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru, Kishitani Misa, Ishigami Tetsuya, Mashiba Ayane
Concept: Do not stir up nor awaken love, until it pleases. (Song of Solomon 2:7.)
Info: Large--1280x720, 91.1 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Song: The Walk (edited)
Artist: Imogen Heap
Category: constructed reality, romance
Content: fast cuts, flashes
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Concept: From fantasy to reality.
Info: 704x396, 63.7 MB, unzipped.

Say My Name
Song: Spectrum (edited)
Artist: Florence + the Machine
Category: Action, drama
Content: NSFW; choose not to disclose.
Fandom: The Mysteries of Love, Galileo (2007), Control ~Hanzai Shinri Sousa~
Characters/Pairings: Chui Sui-Lai, Utsumi Kaoru, Segawa Rio
Concept: Three policewomen, compared and contrasted.
Info: Large -- 704x396, 63.7 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Pandora's Aquarium (large)
Song: Pandora's Aquarium
Artist: Tori Amos
Category: Gen, character study
Content: Deadly serious crack. A few crime scene photos, but nothing graphic. P.o.v. shift. Fast edits and light shifts.
Fandom: Elementary
Characters/Pairings: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Concept: "Boy, I think you're confused, I'm not Persephone."
Info: Large -- 1280x360, 93.5 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Just What I Needed (large)
Song: Poker Face (Just What I Needed)
Artist: Lady Gaga and The Cars (remix by Party Ben)
Category: Humor, romance
Content: Deadly serious crack. A few crime scene photos, but nothing graphic. P.o.v. shift. Fast edits and light shifts.
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Concept: Playing hard-to-get.
Info: Large--1280x720, 55.4 MB, unzipped.
Notes: Made just for fun and because I wanted to see if I could get something watchable out of such a mismatch of a song. Your friendly vidder is not responsible for any brain breakage that may occur. Subtitles.

Something Lost
Music: Feelings for Something Lost in Two Parts (Pt. 1)
Artist: Library Tapes
Category: Angst
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Kusanagi Shunpei/Utsumi Kaoru, unrequited Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru
Concept: It's horrible knowing you never had a chance.
Info: 704x396, 18.5 MB, unzipped.
Notes: This is an experiment in contextless editing in order to tell a story that never happened in canon. For, uh, further explanation of why just read the commentary at the original post.

Song: Mickey (edited)
Artist: Toni Basil
Category: Romance
Content: Fluff!
Fandom: Probe (1988)
Characters/Pairings: Austin James/Mickey Castle
Concept: She's absolutely phenomenal ... and he's still trying to figure her out.
Info: 640x480, 39.6 MB, unzipped.
Notes: Made for paulak_rumin8 on the occasion of her birthday. Subtitles.

A Higher Place
Song: God is Exalted (edited)
Artist: Carman
Category: Gen
Content: Spoilers, first of all. Also: Christian viewpoint, character death, suicidal character, violence (guns, knives, and other things), bright flashes, and rapid edits.
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairings: Some Jin/Sun and Sawyer/Juliet, many other characters
Concept: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has illuminated the fasten seat belt sign due to turbulence in the area. We do ask that you return to your seats with your seat belts securely fastened."
Info: 624x352, 49 MB, unzipped.
Notes: Inspired by D. and made for Lyl, on the occasion of her birthday. This is not crack, despite the song choice. Subtitles.

'Til Morning (large)
Song: Let's Dance Together ('Til Morning)
Artist: Paul Reeves
Category: Romance
Content: Guns, PG-13 violence, bright flashes, and rapid edits.
Fandom: The Mummy & The Mummy Returns
Characters/Pairings: Rick O'Connell/Evelyn Carnahan
Concept: There are quite a few ways to dance.
Info: Large--1280x546, 30.4 MB, unzipped.
Notes: The song was lengthened by the addition of another track of pops and hiss. Subtitles.

Accustomed to Her Face (large)
Song: I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Artist: Brent Barrett
Category: Romance
Content: There's a misogynistic lyric.
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru
Concept: Habits are notoriously hard to break.
Info: Large--704x396, 27.6 MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Under My Skin (large)
Song: I've Got You (Under My Skin)
Artist: Seether
Warnings: Choose not to warn for content.
Category: Dark romance, character study
Fandom: The Shadow (1994)
Characters/Pairings: Lamont Cranston/Margo Lane
Concept: Cupid and Psyche, The Beast and Beauty--a very old tale, indeed.
Info: Large--720x400, 51.5 MB, unzipped.
Notes: A Festivids treat for Azar. Brushes used in one clip were made by birgitengelhardt. Subtitles.

Breaking Stuff (large)
Song: Outro from "Search and Destroy"
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers Beavis and Butt-head
Warnings: fast cuts
Category: Humor
Fandom: MythBusters
Characters: Hah, hah, no, they are real people! Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.
Concept: Breaking stuff is cool.
Info: Large--854x480, 14.2 MB, unzipped.
Notes: A Festivids treat for ThingsWithWings. No tiny version available, since it's a very short vid. Subtitles.

A Butterfly Dreaming (large)
Song: Blue Lips
Artist: Regina Spektor
Warnings: Violence and blood, suicidal ideation, bright flashes, fast cuts
Category: Drama
Fandom: The Fall (2006)
Characters: ensemble
Concept: Which is the dream and who is the dreamer?
Info: Large--854x480, 86.7 MB, unzipped.
Notes: Made for Khaiell, Festivids 2011. Subtitles.

Sun of a Gun (large)
Song: Sun of a Gun (edited)
Artist: Oh Land
Category: Drama, angst, character study
Content: Bright flashes inherent to the source, fast cuts (including some that may look like ghost frames)
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Utsumi Kaoru-->Yukawa Manabu
Concept: Fly too close to the sun and you'll get burned.
Info: Large--704x396, 27.6 MB, unzipped.
Notes: The photo used for the titles was found here, at, and was altered slightly. Subtitles.

I Remember (large)
Song: I Remember (edited)
Artist: Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice
Category: Drama, angst
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Characters/Pairings: Amy/The Doctor, Amy/Rory
Concept: Tragedies are never fair.
Info: Large--624x352, 20.5 MB, unzipped.
Notes: This is the first half of the song. Spoilers for season five, and all the way through season six to "The Girl Who Waited." Subtitles.

Trick Opening (large)
Song: His Alias Is (edited)
Artist: Tsujiyou
Category: Fan trailer.
Content: Has nude art.
Fandom: Trick.
Concept: An opening for the show Trick.
Info: 720x396, 6.7 MB unzipped.

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation (large)
Song: Science and Faith (edited)
Artist: The Script
Category: Romance
Fandom: Galileo (2007)
Concept: Love is not science, but what if it can be proved like one?
Info: Large--704x396, 31.8 MB, unzipped.
Notes: mayura_4_loki found this song and posted it on the Livejournal community for Galileo, saying that it needed to be made into a MV. I took that challenge and here's the result. This vid also makes use of footage from the movie sequel to the show, The Devotion of Suspect X. Subtitles.

雨夜の星 (Something Unusual) [large]
Song: Amie
Artist: Damien Rice
Category: Angst, drama, friendship with a hint of romance
Content: A few non-graphic clips of corpses.
Fandom: Galileo
Concept: Finding a true friend is as rare as seeing the stars on a rainy night.
Info: Large--704x396, 42MB, unzipped.
Notes: I used textures found in this pack made by regularjane on DeviantArt. This vid also makes use of footage from the movie of the show, The Devotion of Suspect X. Subtitles.

Believe (large)
Song: Believe
Artist: The Bravery
Category: Episodic, ensemble, action.
Content: Monsters, shifting point of view, stuttery cuts, bright flashes, lots of shooting of guns.
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Concept/Notes: In which I cut "The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon" into little pieces and reassemble it to make a point about everyone's motives. Needless to say, there are spoilers.
Info: Large--624x352, 38.6MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Kiss with a Fist (large)
Song: Happy Slap
Artist: Ashok
Category: Romance, comedy, angst
Content: Depiction of a physically abusive relationship, with overtones of emotional manipulation.
Fandom: Ryokiteki na Kanojo (My Sassy Girl)
Concept: A look at my favorite Takahashi Couple.
Notes: This show, oh, this show! I love this show so much. It pushes all my buttons, and even some I didn't know I had. The show plays the abusive nature of the relationship for comedy, but, due to the song I chose, the vid is triggery, so please heed the content note.
Info: Large--704x396, 47.6MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

Illumination (large)
Song: Moiety Theme
Artist: Robyn Miller
Category: General
Content: physical triggers
Fandom: Joseon X-Files: Secret Investigation Record
Concept: Shadows and light. Made for ghost_lingering.
Info: Large--800x450, 26.5MB, unzipped.

Jumpin' Jester (large)
Song: Jumpin' Jack (edited)
Artist: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Category: General
Fandom: The Court Jester (1955)
Concept: Hawkins is no fool; except that he is, uh, except that he's not. Made for boomqueen.
Info: Large--704x396, 26.9MB, unzipped. Subtitles.

All That's Lost (large)
Song: Opening Titles + Exile
Artist: Jack Wall & Cindy Wall
Category: General
Content: physical triggers, canon character death, mild peril of a minor
Fandom: Myst series
Concept: Every family has skeletons in the closet. Made for yhlee.
Notes: I made use of some outside source, namely, the instruction manual for Myst IV: Revelation. I also snagged footage from realMyst from a Let's Play done by SeriousSirrus, found here. I made a small version of the vid, but text may be unreadable. Thanks to blueliath for beta-watching.
Info: Large--640x346, 49.3MB unzipped. Subtitles.

Song: SexyBack (edited)
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Concept: It's a game of cat and mouse, with handcuffs, and they like it that way. Warning for dub-con.
Notes: Usually I offer a large and small version, but the editing on this is such that I'm only offering a large version. 704x384, zipped, 18.6MB, XviD encoded avi. Subtitles.

We Will Rock You (large)
Song: We Will Rock You (edited)
Artist: Queen
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Concept: The new crew, people! They rock!
Notes: For blueliath on the occasion of her birthday.
Info: 688x298, zipped, 18.9MB, XviD encoded avi. Subtitles.

Sam's Town (large)
Song: Sam's Town (edited)
Artist: The Killers
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Concept: The life of Rory Williams.
Notes: Spoilers up to S05E12, "The Pandorica Opens".
Info: 688x384, zipped, 37.4MB, XviD encoded avi. Subtitles.

(She's Got) The Look (large)
Song: The Look (edited)
Artist: Roxette
Fandom: The Lone Gunmen
Concept: Character study of Yves Adele Harlow.
Notes: Spoilers for the series, including The X-Files episode, "Jump the Shark".
Info: 704x396, zipped, 26.7MB, XviD encoded avi. Subtitles.

The Irrepressible Jimmy Bond (large)
Song: Tubthumping (edited)
Artist: Chumbawamba
Fandom: The Lone Gunmen
Concept: You can never keep Jimmy down.
Notes: Made as a New Year's Resolution vid for Festivids, for Sabacean Babe. Spoilers for the series, including The X-Files episode, "Jump the Shark".
Info: XviD encoded. Large is 704x396, 10.8MB, unzipped, 10.4MB, zipped. Subtitles.

When I Leave (large)
Song: Elijah (edited)
Artist: Rich Mullins
Category: General
Fandom: New Doctor Who
Concept: The tenth Doctor's goodbye.
Notes: Contains clips from and may spoil: "The Runaway Bride," "Journey's End," "The Waters of Mars," "The End of Time Part 1," and "The End of Time Part 2". A thank you gift for my sister for betaing "Till I Strike".
Info: XviD encoded. Large is 640x368, 20.6MB, unzipped, 20.1MB, zipped. Subtitles.

Till I Strike (large)
Song: You Won't See Me Coming
Artist: Jean-Jacques Burnel
Category: General
Fandom: Iron Man (2008)
Concept: Tony Stark has made himself the ultimate weapon.
Notes: Second of two vids made for Isis in the Festivids 2009 challenge. More notes can be found in my Dreamwidth entry here.
Info: XviD encoded. Large is 712x352, 18.2MB, unzipped, 18.0MB, zipped. Subtitles.

One Week (large)
Song: One Week
Artist: The Barenaked Ladies
Category: General
Fandom: Lost in Austen
Concept: A huge mess-up, that's Amanda Price. Can't do anything right, even in a dream come true.
Notes: First of two vids made for Isis in the Festivids 2009 challenge. More notes can be found in my Dreamwidth entry here.
Info: XviD encoded. Large is 640x352, 17.3MB, unzipped, 17.0MB, zipped. Subtitles.

Nothing There (large)
Song: Crooked Teeth
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Category: General, Episodic
Fandom: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Concept: Kyon's not looking for symbols, but they're there.
Notes: This was a gut reaction to "Endless Eight". Since, of course, the best thing to do with something that (seemingly) won't end is vid it with no resolution. Although, there is something to be said for having multiple "takes" to choose from. I am also reliably informed that this vid has shippy tones to it, but it's more gen to me.
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 704x396, 21.5MB, unzipped, 20.8MB, zipped.

Stop! In the Name of Love (edited)
Artist: Globe
Category: Romance/Angst
Fandom: Star no Koi (Japanese drama)
Concept: "Stop...before you break my heart"
Notes: I get these silly urges to vid sources to their theme songs, so I just gave in to this one. The original song was over six minutes; I trimmed it to about four.
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 508x208, 13.7MB, zipped, 14.0MB, unzipped.

Don't Take Your Love Away (large)
Artist: VAST
Category: Romance
Fandom: Persuasion
Concept: Recontextualizing the story.
Notes: I wanted to tell the story of Frederick Wentworth's courtship of Anne Elliot, but without ignoring the events preceding the book. Also, the ending is inspired by "Candle Lights," a story by sophiaiswisdom. This vid uses source from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, from the 2007 version of Persuasion and the 1995 version.
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 688x298, 29.7 MB unzipped, 29.3 zipped.

Artist: Train
Category: Angst/Romance
Fandom: Itazura na Kiss (Japanese drama)
Concept: Naoki is a woobie.
Notes: Came about because I wanted to vid this concept to the angstiest song I could. Seeing as this was used for Spider-man, who is also a huge woobie, I just went for it.
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 608x448, 25.0MB, zipped, 25.4MB, unzipped.

If I Had My Way (edited) (large)
Artist: Shirley Manson
Category: General
Fandom: Gun X Sword
Concept: The main players, all seeking what they want, at the cost of themselves.
Notes: Spoils the series. Really. Don't watch if you haven't seen it.
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 718x404, 26.2 MB unzipped, 25.3 zipped.

Missionary Man (edited) (large)
Artist: The Eurythmics
Category: General
Fandom: Supernatural
Concept: Dean, meet Castiel.
Notes: Vidlet. Someone on Livejournal, I think it was Musesfool (but it was actually Embroiderama), said that this song would be perfect for this theme. Heavily spoils "In the Beginning," but also contains clips from "Pilot," "Home," "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2," "Lazarus Rising," and "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester".
Info: AVI--XviD encoded, 624x352, 10.4 MB unzipped, 10.1 zipped.

Saints and Angels (high quality WMV) (high quality AVI)
Artist: Sarah Evans
Category: Romance, Declan Dunn/Miranda Feigelsteen
Fandom: Mysterious Ways
Concept: "Love has the grace to save us."
Notes: Made for Azarsuerte, on the occasion of her birthday. Only available in high quality for now. Low quality may become available later. Contains clips from "The Gray Lady," "Spirit Junction," "The Ties That Bind," "Demons," "Handshake," "Reason to Cry," "The Greater Good," "Yesterday," "19A," "John Doe #28" "One of Us," "29," "The Last Dance," "Free Spirit," "Spark of Life," "Face in the Crowd," "Logan Miller," and "Muti".
Info: HQ WMV--640x480, 20.6 MB unzipped, 20.4 MB zipped. HQ AVI--XviD encoded, 576x368, 17.5 MB unzipped, 17.1 zipped.

Sway (large)
Artist: The Boys
Category: Humor, Romance, Episodic for "Double Date."
Fandom: Justice League Unlimited
Concept: "Only you have that magic technique." Question/Huntress.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead VideoStudio 6, post-processed for interlacing with VirtualDubMod 1.5.4 and Avisynth, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. This is a really rollicking cover of the standard. Vidlet, rather than a full-fledged vid.
Info: Large--6.77MB, zipped. 7.10MB, unzipped. XviD encoded. Resolution at 720x404. Audio Video Interleave.

Weight (large)
Artist: Sarah Slean
Category: Angst
Fandom: Supernatural
Concept: Sam pushes at Dean, Dean pushes back at Sam, they both are pushed around by their circumstances. Dean POV.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead VideoStudio 6, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Contains scenes from (and may spoil): "Pilot," "In My Time of Dying," "Everybody Loves a Clown," "Bloodlust," "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things," "Crossroad Blues," "Croatoan," "Hunted," "Playthings," "Born Under a Bad Sign," "Heart," "What Is and What Should Never Be," and "All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2".
Info: Large--18.7MB, zipped. 19.3MB, unzipped. XviD encoded. Resolution at 624x352. Audio Video Interleave.

And So It Is (large)
Song: The Blower's Daughter (edited)
Artist: Damien Rice
Category: Angst, Romance, Henry/Betty
Characters: Henry, Betty, Charlie
Concept: "And so it is/the colder water/the blower's daughter/the pupil in denial."
Notes:A little warning...don't turn your speakers up too high. Spoils episodes through to the end of season one.
Info: Large is 18.7MB, zipped.

Mad World (large)
Artist: Gary Jules
Category: Angst, Drama
Fandom: Supernatural
Concept: Dean has always defined himself by his family.
Notes: Made for Blueliath, on the occasion of her birthday. Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Resolution is 428X240. Spoilers for "Something Wicked," "Dead Man's Blood," "In My Time of Dying," "Everybody Loves a Clown," "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things," "Heart," "What Is and What Should Never Be," "All Hell Breaks Loose 1," "All Hell Breaks Loose 2".
Info: Large--12.9MB, zipped. 13.3, unzipped. Audio Video Interleave.

Dance With Me, Henry (large)
Artist: Georgia Gibbs
Category: Romance, Humor, Henry/Betty
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Concept: Self-explanatory.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Resolution is 428X240. Spoils episodes through to 1x18, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Info: Large--7.18MB, zipped. 7.41MB, unzipped. XviD encoded. Resolution at 608x336. Audio Video Interleave

Sweet Ones (large)
Artist: Sarah Slean
Category: Angst, Romance, Multi-ship (Daniel/Amanda, Daniel/Sofia, Walter/Betty, Henry/Betty)
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Concept: The ones we love are the ones that can hurt us the most.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Resolution is 428X240. Spoils episodes through to 1x16, "Derailed."
Info: Large--11.1MB, zipped. 11.5MB, unzipped. XviD encoded. Resolution at 608x336. Audio Video Interleave

My December [edited] (large)
Artist: Josh Groban
Category: Romance, Angst, Episodic for "Fake Plastic Snow," Henry/Betty
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Concept: Henry, in December.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Resolution is 428X240.
Info: Large--13.3MB, zipped. 13.5MB, unzipped. XviD encoded. Resolution at 608x336. Audio Video Interleave.

How to Save a Life
Artist: The Fray
Category: Drama, Angst, Romance
Fandom: Prison Break
Concept: Michael completely changed Sara's life when he was incarcerated. This is from Sara's point of view, focusing on her inability to change events. And yes, it is Michael/Sara.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered in Ulead, re-encoded in Windows Movie Maker. Resolution is 428X240. Spoils episodes all the way through "The Killing Box."
Info: 7.40MB, zipped. 7.61MB, unzipped. Window Media Video.

Supernatural (edited)
Artist: DC Talk
Category: Drama, Angst
Fandom: Supernatural
Concept: There is nothing more supernatural than family. Sam's pov.
Notes: Storyboarded and rendered by WMM. Resolution is 428X240. No longer available. Made at the special request of Lylsister. Spoils these episodes: Pilot, Home, Scarecrow, Nightmare, Shadow, Salvation, Devil's Trap, and In My Time of Dying.
Info: 7.41MB, zipped. 7.62MB, unzipped. Window Media Video.

Prison Break Trailer
Artist: Ramin Djawadi
Category: Drama, Constructed Reality
Fandom: Prison Break, The Pretender
Concept: A crossover trailer best explained by this.
Notes: Storyboarded in WMM, rendered by Ulead. Resolution is 624x352. AVI file format. XviD encoded, so if you have problems viewing it, go find the codec for XviD. Uses clips from: Pilot; English, Fitz, or Percy; Brother's Keeper; and Manhunt.
Info: 2.78MB, zipped. 2.96MB, unzipped. Audio Video Interleave.

She's Out of My Life (edited)
Artist: Josh Groban
Alternate vid title: Misconceptions II
Category: Angst, Romance
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Concept: The finality Mr. Darcy must have felt before his second chance.
Notes: A companion piece to "Duvet," but without the happy ending. Completely made with Window Movie Maker, due to Ulead's software having issues with my codec. Only the first few seconds have been edited from the song.
Info: 6.06MB, zipped. 6.22MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Duvet (Acoustic Version) (edited)
Artist: boa
Alternate vid title: Misconceptions I
Category: Angst, Romance
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Concept: Retells the romance, with focus on Lizzy's perception of Mr. Darcy.
Notes: A companion piece to "She's Out of My Life." Has a similar structure to that video, but continues with an 'epilogue' that gives the couple a happy ending. Same codec issues, same software. Has fiddly bits of layering that would have been better done in Ulead. The song has been edited down from a little over five minutes to a little over four. Have fun trying to find the splices.
Info: 6.87MB, zipped. 7.04MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

My Invitation (original) (remaster)
Artist: Sarah Slean
Category: Angst, Romance, Malcolm/Hoshi.
Fandom: Enterprise
Concept: So close and yet so far.
Notes: I wrote a story that was inspired by this song, but what I really wanted to do was make it a music video. Resolution is 428x240 and the original AVI was encoded using DivX 5.1. Uses clips from: Broken Bow, The Andorian Incident, Silent Enemy, Sleeping Dogs, Vox Sola, Desert Crossing, Shockwave Part II, A Night in Sickbay, Marauders, Exile, Stratagem, and E2. I remastered this quite a while ago, but kept forgetting to update this. The remaster is only available as AVI, sorry.
Info: Original--7.45MB, zipped. 7.63MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video. Remaster--13.7, zipped. 13.9, unzipped. Audio Video Interleave.

Never Alone
Artist: Barlow Girl
Category: Angst, Episodic for "Abyss," Jack and Daniel friendship
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Concept: "And though you're invisible/I'll trust the unseen."
Notes: I heard this song and thought it would be wonderful as a music video. I just didn't know for what. 'What' clicked in a long while later. Made at my sister's prodding. She didn't have to prod hard. More experimentation with Windows Movie Maker's transitions.
Info: 7.19MB, zipped. 7.43MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Never Let Go
Artist: Josh Groban
Category: Drama, Angst, Frodo and Sam friendship
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Concept: The sacrifices they make and how they hold on to each other through it all.
Notes: Experimented with Windows Movie Maker's transitions, meaning I used more than just fade.
Info: 6.39MB, zipped. 6.57MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

The Two Trees (edited)
Artist: Loreena McKennitt
Category: Drama, Romance, Angst
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Concept: "Beloved, gaze in thine own heart."
Notes: I lopped off "Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt?". Somewhat experimental in its metaphorical rendering.
Info: 12.9MB, zipped. 13.2MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Artist: Tom Petty
Category: Romance, Angst, Logan/Marie
Fandom: X-Men
Concept: "It's all right if you love me, it's all right if you don't."
Notes: First film. A mediocre effort, I think. Judge for yourself, if you like
Info: 4.57MB, zipped. 4.70MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Artist: Liz Phair
Category: Romance, Humor
Fandom: Spider-Man (movie)
Concept: Peter Parker (average everyday sane psycho) has a crush on Mary Jane Watson (supergoddess).
Notes: Take the vid as slightly tongue-in-cheek; it's definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from "Remember When it Rained." I had the first draft for this finished before I saw the second movie, but various technical difficulties kept it from being completed before now.
Info: 7.52MB, zipped. 7.69MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Ready For the Storm (edited)
Artist: Rich Mullins
Category: Angst
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Concept: The Xindi story arc, with a heavy dose of irony.
Notes: The different pov's are intended. Resolution is 428X240. Spoils these episodes: The Expanse, Exile, Azati Prime, Damage, The Forgotten, The Council, Countdown, and Zero Hour.
Info: 6.45MB, zipped. 6.61MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Pax Deorum
Artist: Enya
Category: Drama
Fandom: Big O
Concept: Plays on the role of Roger as peacemaker and god.
Notes: First of three Big O videos. Edited completely in Ulead VideoStudio 6. First anime music video and first time lip-syncing. The sound is rather soft.
Info: 7.38MB, zipped. 7.58MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

The Promise (edited)
Artist: Secret Garden
Category: Romance, Roger/Dorothy
Fandom: Big O
Concept: Dorothy plays the piano and Roger contemplates.
Notes: Second of three Big O videos. Edited completely in Ulead VideoStudio 6. More of a vidlet than a full-fledged video.
Info: 2.72MB, zipped. 2.81MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Hard to Handle (edited)
Artist: Black Crowes
Category: Humor
Fandom: Big O
Concept: Beck loves to cause mischief.
Notes: Third Big O video. When the inspiration for this first struck I thought it would make a good Roger video, but after the second or third listen to the song, it seemed more in character for Beck. The thing that tickles me the most about this one is that I managed to work in the reason for Beck's afro. Second time lip-syncing! It works much better this time, I think. Edited completely in Ulead VideoStudio 6.
Info: 3.70MB, zipped. 3.79MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Remember When it Rained
Artist: Josh Groban
Category: Angst
Fandom: Spider-Man (movie)
Concept: The metaphor, more than anything else.
Notes: This, oddly enough, gained multiple layers of meaning as I proceeded. It's a contemplation on loss, on broken bonds, on seeing oneself as darkness, not light. Of course, that's just what I see in it. You might see something different. For RockNRollZombie, who inspired it more than he probably thinks.
Info: 8.01MB, zipped. 9.71MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video. More info included with the zip.

It's Never Quite What it Seems
Artist: Over the Rhine
Category: Post-ep, "Touched" and "Chosen"
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Concept: "The light that burns too bright/soon burns out..."
Notes: So, I admit it, I'm a sucker for the whole Buffy/Spike dynamic and although you might find this overly rose-colored, it's not too sappy to me. The concept came to me after I heard the spoilers for the end of the series, but before I saw the episodes. Over the Rhine's song was absolutely perfect for the end, so I had to make this. Oh, and as a sidenote--I finally was able to make my watermark look the way I wanted it.
Info: 6.65MB, zipped. 6.97MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.
Removed temporarily, for eventual re-mastering.

She's Got a Way (edited)
Artist: Billy Joel
Category: Romance (Austin/Mickey)
Fandom: Probe
Concept: "You're absolutely phenomenal."
Notes: This is a pretty schmoopy look at Austin James and Michelle Castle's first somewhat rocky, yet mutually admiring, meeting. I know that many people have not seen this show, so I tried to make this as understandable as possible. If you're still lost, try visiting my Probe site: Creatively Maladjusted.
Info: 1.80MB, zipped. 1.90MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Cry (original) (remaster)
Artist: Faith Hill
Category: Angst, Romance
Fandom: The Lone Gunmen
Concept: All he's asking for.
Notes: Inspired by Jainie Starr's Buffy/Spike video, "The Lost Poetry of Tears," Faith Hill's wonderful vocals and my need to see if I could do another Jimmy/Yves video. I am inordinately proud of this one.
Info: 5.72MB, zipped. 6.03MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Black Balloon (Acoustic Version) (original) (remaster)
Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls
Category: Angst, Romance
Fandom: The Lone Gunmen
Concept: Yves Harlow and the fall of the Gunmen, through Jimmy Bond's eyes.
Notes: My first Jimmy/Yves video.
Info: 5.54MB, zipped. 5.8MB, unzipped. Windows Media Video.

Technical Info:
Early videos were storyboarded in Windows Movie Maker, re-clipped in ULead Video Studio 6, with transitions and watermark added, rendered as MPEG-1 at 352x240, then rendered using Windows Movie Maker, for compression's sake. Videos after "Don't Take Your Love Away" were made using Corel VideoStudio 12, with some occasional photoshop assistance from Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.

Early videos using VCR source were captured using ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500DV. Zipped using Freezip 1.4.8 or 7-Zip.